Mesopotamia Lions Company | ABOUT US
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At our company we have a single focus, of which is promoted in everything that we do, this focus is to deliver providing effective security management to our customers with the emphasis being on the customer.  We have achieved huge achievements     so far, but we never lose our focus or our enthusiasm to improve.

First established in December of 2008 in the Ministry of Commerce, in accordance with the provision of the Companies Act No. 21 of 1997 as amended Incorporation Number Mesh-2-67964, the company was given the Private Security Number 113, which is proudly continues to use to this day.

Our teams of Security Personnel have been trained in different aspects of security, safety and medical training which furnishes them with the correct skill set to carry out their individual tasks and complete their missions as a unit.  The training is all accredited and accountable back to the United Kingdom and is relevant to the position that each person is employed for.  With a range of qualifications such a Security Training, Close Protection in a Hostile Environment, VIP Protection and Convoys, alongside Medical Training such as First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOS(i)) and Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA), you can be assured that your Security has the skill set to look after you.

Mesopotamia Lions has a range of vehicles which will fit your transportation requirements all of which come from a fully registered dealers.  The vehicles will meet the European Level B6 – NIJ Level III Factory Armored specifications.  Six sided armoring of the passenger cabin in accordance with EN 1522 and EN 1063 European Level B6 – NIJ Level III and BRV1999.

Each vehicle will have hermetic cabin protection with complete material overlapping with 6.35mm thick quench and tempered steel. The interior door and sidewall laterals will be coated with Level B6 antiballistic 6.35mm steel. Firewall will be protected with 6.35mm thick tempered steel plate. Ceiling / roof will be coated with B4 18 layers of ballistic Tamron or equivalent, explosion-proof mantle to ensure “grape-shot-proof” and anti-explosion protection. The floor will be minimum 15 layers of ballistic Nylon plus 2.5mm ballistic steel to ensure protection against simultaneous ignition of 2 DM 51 hand grenades.

All vehicles will be locally registered and be compliant with MoI regulations and Iraqi Law without exception. The B6 armored vehicles will be mechanically sound and be fitted with run flat tires and furnished with the latest in In Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking Systems and Emergency Medical Equipment.

We provide rental, armored SUV with different types and models, all our vehicles installed with tracking system and it’s monitored.

Provide Rental ambulance armored and soft vehicles  equipped with all medical instruments and safety devices.