Mesopotamia Lions Company | for Security Services
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Mesopotamia Lions Company for Security

Services And Public Security Guards

Lions Mesopotamia is an Iraqi Private Security company owned and operating within the Republic of Iraq, its heritage and commitment to its own expansion in advances among the security sector makes it stand out in the security market.  Our difference in the market is noted through our extensive experience of company operations and also our staff employed.  We offer high quality security services, which have been designed and developed to fit our client’s requirements.

About us

At our company we have a single focus, of which is promoted in everything that we do, this focus is to deliver providing effective security management to our customers with the emphasis being on the customer.  We have achieved huge achievements     so far, but we never lose our focus or our enthusiasm to improve.


Services Provided

At Mesopotamia Lions Company for Security Services we understand the power of the local people and the cultural differences that comes with working in the Middle East, they play a critical part of the implementation of our clients projects and we as a security provider assist in the clients awareness of this.


Provision of Static Security Solutions

we have an extensive knowledge of delivering static solutions for our clients from compounds and buildings to static remote lay down areas.  We have the ability to also provide the client with Security Equipment from electronic items such as Scanners and CCTV, to more physical items such as Towers and Speed enforcement barriers.

Provision of Mobile Transportation

of Personnel and Equipment  at LOM we have established a tried and tested Journey Management systems that we employ for all our clients mobile movements.  We can move your personnel in and around their site locations, or your kit and equipment from the entrance hydra location to the Republic of Iraq to work locations within the countries boundaries.

Provision of Security Consultancy Services

Provision of Security Consultancy Services – we can design and implement all the physical and written security elements that our clients require for their site locations. From towers and CCTV systems to the design and implementation of Security Plans and contractual documentation.

Ambulatory Services

we have the ability to rent both Soft and Armored Vehicles to our clients, all of which come with the up to date and contractually correct paper work. 

Vehicle rental

we can rent to your site location both Armored and Soft Skin Ambulances, all fully equipped with Medical Supplies to your noted requirements.

Provide and train police dogs

Provide and train police dogs units (K.9) trained by expert expats trainers also we provide an TCN dogs handler.


MLS acknowledges the power of the tribal pioneers and the critical part that they play in the public area in specific territories of Iraq; we have in this way produced extremely close relations with nearby tribal pioneers in the middle and south of Iraq, this comprehensive system permits us to coordinate our work efficiently and securely even in the most unfriendly regions of the nation

Pervious Clients

  • Al Dallah Oil

  • Resolute CM, LLC

  • Gazprom Neft

  • Bauer Drilling Services

  • BMI Genpower

  • SABA Worldwide Group

  • Sapesco

  • Siro System Electronics SpA

  • Compass Worldwide

  • Krohne Oil and Gas

  • Champion Technologies

  • Soyuzneftegaz

  • 4D Engineering

  • Tenaris

  • Research Triangle Institute ( NGO )

  • National Democratic Institute ( NGO )

  • 77 Construction Contracting & Trading

The Board of Directors

Taking full responsible for overseeing the security performance system, our Board of Directors have a hands on approach that ensures are projects success.  They also take the lead on change management and all implementation of corporate documentation and project procedural information.

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